Pop Culture

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    Movie Trivia #1

    Well well well aren't you a movie buff...Let's see if you don't get stumped with this trivia and manage to answer correctly the 10 questions. Let's begin!

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    Movie Trivia #2

    Are you a movie buff? We are sure you will get stumped with these questions. 

    Prove your movie knowledge with this fun quiz.

    This quiz contains 20 questions and you will be able to see your score after answering all the questions.

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    Pop Culture 1

    Are you one of those people that know everything about movies, music, and celebrities?

    Test your trivia knowledge with this fun quiz!

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    Pop Culture 2

    Did you know that in Star Trek, the original Number One was a woman? In the original pilot, Gene Roddenberry’s girlfriend and future wife, Majel Barrett, was Kirk’s first officer

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    Pop Culture 3

    Did you know that the iconic DeLorean time machine was almost a Ford Mustang? Universal was offered $40,000 to change the time machine from a DeLorean DMC-12 to a Ford Mustang but they decided to keep the DMC-12 for the futuristic look

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    Movie Trivia #3

    If you are like me, I'm sure you like to think of yourself as a movie "connoisseur", but now it's the time to put your money where your mouth is. Try this fun 30-question quiz and let's see if you're able to get a score of 100%. Let's begin!